Comments: Pope Benedict to work for Christian unity

"The current Successor of Peter feels himself to be personally implicated in this question and is disposed to do all in his power to promote the fundamental cause of ecumenism . . . he sends them his most cordial greetings in Christ, the one Lord of all."

Anyone else feel like, if you politely respond in kind to Ratzinger's "cordial greeting," you'll get back "Aha! So you *do* admit that I am 'Successor of Peter'? The one w/ The Keys? The one who can bind and loose? The Rock upon which the Church is built? And that without Petrine/Vicar-of-Christ/Infallible Me your not-churches are 'deficient' and cannot save? GOTCHA!!! Ergo, you may submit to me, your Holy Father now: kiss my ___." That paper-trail is a real buzzkill, Benedict.

"The entire world looked to [JP2] with trust."

Um . . .
(or "Planet 'Objectively Disordered, tending towards Moral Evil' sends ambivalent sympathies re the deceased, and guardedly eyes the replacement")

Posted by J. C. Fisher at Thursday, 21 April 2005 at 7:30am BST

That's sorted the new Pope out....

Is that the real reason for your objection, or is it because he doesn't lean towards liberalism?

Posted by Ian at Thursday, 21 April 2005 at 12:07pm BST

Rather shocked by the unChristian sentiments of the previous message I am personally encouraged by the comments of the new pope in his first sermon. So many gut reactions come from those who have never read any of Ratzinger's writings. 'Salt of the Earth' contains some comments on the continuing catholicity and richness of Anglicanism.

Posted by Canon Simon Bloxam-Rose at Thursday, 21 April 2005 at 12:09pm BST

I hold out high hopes for this pontificate. He is a thoughtful man and an astute theologian; he seems to be a man who sees himself functioning in different roles (i.e., pope is different from watchdog and he knows it). What concerns me is this phrase:

"He is aware that to do so, expressions of good feelings are not enough. Concrete gestures are required to penetrate souls and move consciences, encouraging everyone to that interior conversion which is the basis for all progress on the road of ecumenism."

"Interior conversion" to what? I've been converted; I acknowledge Christ--I wonder where this is going... Any clues?

Posted by Derek Olsen at Thursday, 21 April 2005 at 3:47pm BST

It suffices to respect the guy for having a world-sized role to undertake, and to tackle the sensibility of any future pronouncements as they come, I think.

(And I sympathize with the view: "successor of Peter? Holy [Ff]ather? Head of church on earth? Yeah riiight".)

Posted by Tim at Thursday, 21 April 2005 at 8:07pm BST

Whoah. Looks like everyone from CANN and virtueonline migrated over here for hoe down.

We hope for the best, as always, but we know who this is and we are realistic. May God grant us all grace and may he grant the same grace to P. Benny 16.

Posted by Seraph at Thursday, 21 April 2005 at 11:26pm BST

I've read "Dominus Iesus" and a number of his writings wherein he tells *me* (sight unseen, character unknown to him) that I am (especially) "objectively disordered, and tending towards moral evil."

To ask me to dispassionately evaluate all the rest of his corpus (of which I am not completely unfamiliar), seems a little like "Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

But then maybe my particular bias makes me "unChristian" {sigh}

Posted by J. C. Fisher at Friday, 22 April 2005 at 5:19am BST

Canon Simon Bloxam-Rose:

"Rather shocked by the unChristian sentiments of the previous message "

Was this directed at J. C. Fisher's posting or at mine which followed? If the latter, I'm rather stunned. Though I'm C of E., I was actually supporting the new Pope, not attacking him!

Posted by Ian at Friday, 22 April 2005 at 10:03am BST

Yes, I was referring to J C Fisher's comments which seemed to bring too much shrill subjectivity to bear on what was surely meant to be a cordial and heartfelt greeting to the Christian world from the new pope. However, what I suspect to be JCF's position should be heeded and not dismissed or patronised.

Posted by Canon Simon Bloxam-Rose at Tuesday, 12 July 2005 at 8:14pm BST

May I first agree with the comments expressed by bloxy, I too feel 'encouraged by the comments of the new pope in his first sermon' Amazingly I have read that many of you have not read any of Ratzinger's writings, indeed 'Salt of the Earth' may may settle your apparent unease with the unfamiliar.

Posted by jack davies at Thursday, 19 October 2006 at 2:51pm BST
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