Comments: Evangelical takeover forecast

I must admit I take most of this sort of research with a large dollop of salt. And I always compensate for what I perceive as the biases of the researcher, and of the media outlet printing the story :>)

Perhaps it's just the choice of words that the Telegraph has to use for its wider readership but for me the word "mainstream" seems to have been appropriated here for a type of evangelicalism that most of us would call "conservative", and it is contrasted with "broad or liberal" which is not a pair of adjectives commonly used to distinguish brands of evangelical faith. The use of the word "mainstream" may well be part of the current effort by conservative evangelicals to create a piece of terminology that allows them to pretend to a more significant role than their actual numbers would warrant.

I am happier to use the conventional alternatives of "open" or "conservative" evangelical (of which charismatics may come into either category). Open evangelicals may well espouse socially conservative positions but recognise a legitimate diversity and would not be inclined to campaign for socially regressive goals, either in church or state. Most of the evangelical clergy I know would be in this category rather than conservative. They are unlikely to join campaigns to withhold quota.

Posted by David Walker at Monday, 25 August 2003 at 12:08pm BST

The Church Times had an article on this, "which you can read here":, and it also published some statistics for Europe, "which you can read here":

Posted by Simon Sarmiento at Sunday, 31 August 2003 at 5:38pm BST