Comments: press reaction

In the "Is the Church Too Timid ?" article, the ABC mentions that "divisions over whether gay and lesbian Christians could join the clergy would continue to cause Anglicans "pain, anger and resentment". "

Everytime I've read about this so-called "pain, anger and resentment" that the fundamentalists are supposedly going through, I get the same mental image (which I experienced first-hand as a child). I see all of the white people of the U.S.A.'s Deep South wailing about the "pain, anger and resentment" they have over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement for African Americans...

Posted by David at Friday, 17 October 2003 at 2:33am BST

The second sentence in Alex Kirby's article which I quote has changed this morning from what it was last night. It now reads
"This time, though, critics may well argue they are out of touch with some hard realities of life."

Hmm. I'll leave the record stand as I found it.

Posted by Simon Sarmiento at Friday, 17 October 2003 at 2:44pm BST