Comments: An Irish view

Well, assuming that there is no established topic to be discussed, I guess all there is for me to say, or rather, express, is how I feel being an Irish patron of The Church of England. Having been descended from grandparents on both sides of my family from Ireland, I still feel the repurcussions of being what some call a "travesty" a "traitor" or a paradox.

We are all aware about the plight that the English forced upon the Irish peoples in the north to convert for the benefit of survival. Though this would seem a regrettable sign of compliance with a people that made it their mission to eliminate her children, the sons of Eire, I feel that it is merely a change in the slightest manner. In the current state of the Catholic Church, and in the past, I am happy to partake in the greatest traditions of the Roman Church without having to be constrained by their outmoded views that cannot survive in a society like ours today. Now, imagine having to say this at Thanksgiving when your mother's side of the family are devout Catholics!
Nevertheless, I feel that I have been blessed by an odd twist of fate to be Anglican. We can keep the old world traditions of serving the lord, while not subjecting to tyrannical despots that sit at the throne of St. Peter. That's another thing that irks me; how can a man be able to claim honestly that he is a successor to an apostle? This may be written by Peter, hallowed be his name, but still.

Posted by Matthew Sweeny at Tuesday, 29 June 2004 at 7:16am BST