Comments: Halloween news

Isn't a _Church of England Newspaper_ survey a "consider the source" question? I'm not saying it's wrong (or deceptive), but I'd like to see exactly *how* the data was acquired (and preferably have it replicated by less biased researchers).

Posted by J. Collins Fisher at Saturday, 1 November 2003 at 3:20am GMT

I am a General Synod member who was surveyed by the _Church of England Newspaper_. I was telephoned at home at 4pm on Monday afternoon. The caller said she was from the CEN, asked me if I was willing to take part in a survey, and then asked the questions. As far as I can recall they were exactly as published in the CEN article.

Posted by Peter Owen at Saturday, 1 November 2003 at 9:45am GMT

Thank you for your testimony, Mr. Owen. However, your experience doesn't really address my basic concern.

I am only newly aware of _CEN_, so I can't speak directly to this situation. I only know that if I were phone-surveyed by the (U.S.) Republican Party (or a candidate), or the _Washington Times_ newspaper (owned by Sun Myung Moon), I would say "No thank you" and hang-up. Even *if* I trusted the objectivity of their questions, and the accuracy of their accumulated data (big Ifs), I would not trust those doing the surveying to use the information acquired in a principled way. The above-named entities stand for essential unfairness and inequality. To participate in their processes (inc. surveys) is to aid their agendas---and that I will not do.

Posted by J. Collins Fisher at Saturday, 1 November 2003 at 9:37pm GMT