Comments: to stay or to go?

It strikes me, pondering the "obedience" portion of your comments, that our obedience is not to the Church but to God-in-the-Church. This means seeing the Spirit's work within our structure, and constantly seeking Christ as we move forward. If that means criticising the current actions of the heirarchy, let it be doneā€”in the context of our common call.

I try always, throughout whatever troubles or disputes strike the Church, to keep my focus trained on faith, hope, and love, and let my actions follow. If I succeed, it's by God's grace alone.

Posted by Kevin Bullock at Monday, 22 March 2004 at 11:20pm GMT

Seems to me that "obedience" is a bit harder to do and less easy to avoid than Kevin Bullock appears to think. Add "the one who loves me is the one who does what I say" to "If anyone says, "I love God",yet hates his brother is a liar". Then try that with 'obey' ... Have a look at Heb 13:17 while you are about it.

Posted by Nigel Feilden at Tuesday, 13 April 2004 at 8:43pm BST