Comments: death as a means of maintaining power

"to put American forces close to the borders of a now weakened Russia"? That's too paranoid even for me (who bow to no one in my . . . _strong dislike_ for my recently (re?)elected President).

I'm much more concerned that Dubya and Putin are engaging in a chummy game of "who can revert from democracy the most"? (Even *before* 9/11, Bush showed he was willing to sell out the Chechens to his pal Vladimir, and that has only vastly accelerated since then. Now, militant Islamicist Chechens, and imperialist Putin, are engaged in their own synchronous race to the bottom of human _in-_ decency, while civilians on all sides pay the price in blood.)

But hey, Putin then waves a free hand back in the direction of Dubya's Imperial "We will bring democracy---like it or not!" ambitions in the Middle East (What? There's *oil* there? _Who knew?_), so It's All Good (in the sense of damnably _bad_).

And whatever Dubya's crimes, Episcopalians can rest assured that they will be blamed for them (although I do wish ECUSA's AC persecutors would line up their Network buddies conspicuously predominant location in the *Red States*, _capice_?)

As the world spins on its mad little way . . .

Posted by J. C. Fisher at Tuesday, 23 November 2004 at 5:27am GMT