Thursday, 11 December 2003

November 2003 papers

These papers were sent to General Synod members in November 2003.

GS 1519 Some Issues in Human Sexuality
GS Misc 722 A Companion to Some Issues in Human Sexuality

GS 1519 has already been noted in our main blog.

GS Misc 713 Charta Oecumenica

Guidelines for the Growing Cooperation among the Churches in Europe from the Conference of European Churches with an Introduction and Commentary from the Council for Christian Unity

The Charta itself was published in April 2001. It can be found here on the website of the Conference of European Churches.

GS Misc 723 Commitment to a Common Life

Images and Reflections from the 2003 Forum of Churches Together in England

GS Misc 721 Statistics of Licensed Ministers 2002

GS 1520 Weekday Lectionary
GS Misc 724 Weekday Lectionary: Sample Tables for 2002-3 and 2003-4

A report from the Liturgical Commission giving their proposals for a replacement of the temporary weekday lectionary. There are also some proposals to amend the rules for regulating and ordering services (for example to ensure that when 6 January is a Sunday the Sunday readings in Epiphany are used on the same days in the Church of England as in other churches).

HB(03)M3 House of Bishops Summary of Decisions - meeting held on 7/8 October 2003

The usual uninformative summary

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