Thursday, 11 December 2003

Availability of General Synod and related papers

General Synod papers are published by Church House Publishing (CHP) and paper copies can be purchased from Church House Bookshop.

On very rare occasions they are also published online. The obvious place to look for them is on the General Synod and Papers pages of the Church of England website. However, they do sometimes turn up elsewhere. For example, GS 1517, Strategic Financial Review, can be found on the Church Commissioners’ site.

When I discover any Synod papers online I will publish links to them here.

Although General Synod is responsible for producing Measures, Canons and various sets of Rules, the finished products are not considered to be Synod papers, and members do not receive copies.

Measures of the General Synod, once they have received the Royal Assent, become the responsibility of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. All measures since 1988 are available on the HMSO website.

The Canons of the Church of England are available in pdf format on the Legal Services webpage. You can view and print these files, but it is not possible to copy text from them.

So far as I am aware the Church Representation Rules are not available online.

The Canons and Church Representation Rules are published by CHP.

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