Saturday, 24 January 2004

February 2004 Synod Papers

The second mailing of papers for next month’s Synod arrived this morning. There was rather more in the package than I expected.

First, there are the remaining papers for matters on the agenda.

GS 1522 February Group of Sessions 2004: Report by the Business Committee

Already online here.

GS 1534 Thirty-eighth Report of the Standing Orders Committee

This is accompanied by a notice paper listing 31 proposed amendments to the standing orders.

GS 1527 Review of Clergy Terms of Service

There is a lengthy summary of this report, with a complete list of its recommendations, here.

GS Misc 731 Asylum: A Briefing Paper by the Mission and Public Affairs Council

GS Misc 729A Briefing Paper for York Diocesan Synod Motion: Cohabitation
GS Misc 729B The York Diocesan motion on contractual relationships - A Comment by the Mission and Public Affairs Council

GS Misc 738A Differentials: A Background Paper
GS Misc 738B Stipend Differentials: A background note from the Ministry Division

These are papers for a private member’s motion which will only be taken if an unexpected gap opens up in the agenda - something which I don’t think is at all likely.

Then there are several papers not for debate, but which might be of interest.

GS Misc 725 Protecting all God’s Children: The Child Protection Policy for the Church of England (3rd edition)

GS Misc 727 Dioceses Commission Annual Report 2003

The list of members is longer than the report itself.

GS Misc 730 Religion in Broadcasting: Second Report of the Religion in Broadcasting Group

GS Misc 733 Suffragan Bishops: A House of Bishops Occasional Paper

GS Misc 734 12th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches: Report of the Church of England Delegation

GS Misc 735 Report by the Church Working for Women Group

GS Misc 736 Activities of the Archbishops’ Council

GS Misc 737 Fees Advisory Commission: Note about the consultation on the future remuneration of diocesan registrars

GS Misc 739 Note about the National Church Institutions (NCIs) Staff Pay Structures

HB(04)M1 House of Bishops Summary of Decisions of meeting on 15 January 2004

Finally there are nomination papers for the election of 13 Church Commissioners.

  • four bishops
  • two cathedral deans
  • three other clerks in holy orders
  • four lay persons

The electorate in each case comprises the relevant members of Synod (except for the Deans, where all can vote), but candidates (apart from bishops) do not have to be members.

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