Saturday, 19 June 2004

July 2004 Synod Papers

The postman brought the main bulk of papers for next month’s General Synod this morning. A few more papers are due to be issued in a week’s time.

I have split my list of them into three. Below is everything except for legislative and liturgical business.

GS 1539 Agenda

GS 1540 July Group of Sessions 2004: Report by the Business Committee

GS 1542 Making the Synod’s Procedures More Effective

GS 1551 Appointment of Chairs

Synod will be asked to approve three appointments.
Chair of the Appointments Committee: Prebendary David Houlding
Chair of the Archbishops’ Council’s Audit Committee: Tony Hesselwood
Chair of the Business Committee: Revd Dr Richard Turnbull

GS 1554 Clergy Discipline (Doctrine)

Report of a working group set up by the House of Bishops

GS 1536 Rethinking Sentencing
GS Misc 749 Restorative Justice - Rethinking Sentencing: Background to the Synod debate

Reports from the Mission and Public Affairs Council

GS 1544 Enabling a World of Difference: The contribution of the Mission Agencies to the Mission of the Church of England

Report from the Partnership for World Mission

GS Misc 744 Trade Justice: a Christian response to global poverty
GS 1547 Trade Justice: a Christian response to global poverty: An Introduction to the Debate

Reports by, respectively, Christian Aid and the Mission and Public Affairs Council

GS 1548 The Church of England and Europe

Joint Report by the Mission and Public Affairs Council and the Council for Chrisitian Unity

Papers for Private Members’ Motions
GS 738A Stipend Differentials Note by Mr Lilley
GS 738B Note from the Ministry Division

Papers for Diocesan Synod Motions
GS 748 Drug Misuse

Financial Business
GS 1545 Archbishops’ Council Proposed Budget for 2005
GS 1550 The Archbishops’ Council Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2003
GS 1552 Annual Report of the Archbishops’ Council’s Audit Committee for the year to 31 May 2004

GS1550 will only be debated if a member asks for this. GS 1552 is for information only.

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