Saturday, 19 June 2004

General Synod Dates

Note added on 18 July. Synod agreed to the dates below.

The Business Committee’s report for the July Synod contains two items relating to the dates of Synod meetings.

First, there will be no meeting in November 2004.

Second, there is a list of proposed dates for February 2006 to February 2008. Assuming that Synod agrees to these it will be meeting as follows.

09-13 July 2004
14-18 February 2005
08-12 July 2005
14-16 November 2005 (Inauguration of the new Synod)
06-10 February 2006
07-11 July 2006
13-15 November 2006 (only if required)
26 February - 02 March 2007
06-10 July 2007
12-14 November 2007 (only if required)
11-15 February 2008

The meeting in February 2006 is slightly earlier that usual and that in February 2007 slightly later because of the planned refurbishment of Church House in 2006/7. If a meeting is required in November 2006 it will not be possible to hold it in Church House.

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