Saturday, 26 June 2004

July 2004 Synod Papers - Second Bundle

My second bundle of papers for next month’s Synod (listed below) arrived today. It was rather larger than I expected, mainly because of the size of GS 1549.

GS 1543 Marriage Law Review

GS 1541 Alternative Sources of Funding for Ordinands in Training
GS 1541A Alternative Sources of funding

A Constitution for Europe

A booklet about the European Constitution published by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

GS 1549 Common Worship: Times and Seasons and Festivals

Texts for Commendation. 558 A5 pages.

Papers for Private Members’ Motions
GS Misc 747 Domestic Violence: note by Mrs Ben Rabha

Papers for Contingency Business
GS Misc 752A Canon B44: Background Note
GS Misc 752B a note from the Council for Christian Unity

Papers not for debate
GS Misc 742 Paths to Unity: explorations in ecumencial method
by members of the Faith and Order Advisory Group
GS Misc 743 Adding Values: Annual Report of the Ethical Investment Advisory Group
GS Misc 751 Membership of the Archbishops’ Council etc
GS Misc 753 Formation for Ministry within a Learning Church: An update
GS Misc 750 Strategic Spending Review
GS Misc 755 Staff Pay Structures
GS Misc 756 The Church Urban Fund
GS Misc 757 CCU Visit to Finland
GS Misc 758 Report on the activities of the Archbishops’ Council
HB[04]M2 House of Bishops Summary of Decisions (10 June 2004)

GS 1556 List of Members

I have used this to update the list of members that I maintain here.

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