Monday, 28 June 2004

Online Synod Papers 3

Legislation and Liturgy papers now online

Papers for Legislative Business

GS 1484B (36 kB)
GS 1485B (56 kB)
GS 1486B (31 kB)
GS 1487B (23 kB)
GS 1484-7Z (208 kB)

These are the amendments to the Canons and representation rules to put into effect changes in the size and composition of Synod.

GS 1505Z - Report of the Steering Committee on final drafting of the Draft Stipends (Cessation of Special Payments) Measure. (27 kB)

GS 1524Y - Report of the Revision Committee for the Draft Pastoral (Amendment) Measure. (99 kB)

GS 1555X - Explanatory memorandum for the Draft Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure (35 kB)

GS 1537 - Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2004 (77 kB)

GS 1538 - Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Orders 2004 (127 kB)

GS 1553X - Memorandum by the Archbishops’ Council on the Draft Parochial Fees Order 2004 (52 kB)

Papers for Liturgical Business: Weekday Lectionary and Amendments

GS1520A Texts for Authorization, split into eight files

Contents (17 kB)
Table 1 The Lectionary Years (33 kB)
Table 2 Weekday Lectionary: Old and New Testament Readings (331 kB)
Table 3 Psalm Tables for Seasons (43 kB)
Table 4 Psalm Table for Weekdays in Ordinary Time (26 kB)
Table 5 Psalms in Course (26 kB)
Table 6 Daily Eucharistic Lectionary (231 kB)
Amendments to Calendar, Lectionary and Collects etc (36 kB)

GS 1520Y Report of the Revision Committee (66 kB)

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