Saturday, 9 August 2003

Saturday Press Roundup

This covers the broadsheets only. There’s one major topic, unsurprisingly.

In the Guardian Patrick Collinson writes about the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the current disputes concerning homosexual bishops: Stand by your man.
Also in the Guardian, in Church calls gay priest summit, Kirsty Scott reports on the meeting of primates that Rowan Williams has called, to be held in October, and includes comments on this move by a variety of people. She was told the date of the meeting is not yet decided. We think it is planned for Wednesday and Thursday 15-16 October.

Jonathan Petre’s version of what the summit means is in the Telegraph headed
Williams calls crisis meeting to avoid split over gay bishop and there is a critical column by Mark Steyn entitled Anglicans seem to take a sacrament as whatever turns you on but Christopher Howse’s regular Sacred Mysteries column has a much more interesting historical perspective on the matter.

Ruth Gledhill’s take on the summit is in The Times as Gay summit will seal church’s fate (don’t miss the cartoon too) and letters about this are also printed. One of them reminds us about what Article 26 says. Ruth also had a day out in the Lake District recently for At Your Service.

There are two other articles in The Times (thank you Nick for pointing them out), one by Nicholas Wapshott on the ECUSA convention Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and an opinion column by Matthew Parris entitled No, God would not have approved of gay bishops.

The online version of the Independent had nothing worth linking to here.

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