Saturday, 9 August 2003

Do we need a new gay clause?

The text of my Church Times article as published on 18 July, under this title, can be found here.
(link broken will be fixed soon - the draft version as submitted can be found here)

Two items got deleted by the subs: one was a copy of the text of the offensive clause which was intended as a sidebar but is now available here.

The second omission was the following bit of detailed explanation about it:

The additional clause (see sidebar) does not refer to “being of a sexual orientation” but to “a requirement related to sexual orientation” which is entirely open-ended. However, it may not be self-evident to a tribunal that “marriage or abstinence” applied equally to all people meets this test. The clause also omits reference to the need for proportionality in the application to each particular case, which is a requirement of the EU Directive.

The rest of my material on these regulations can still be found here. I hope eventually to tidy those pages up. But before that, I intend to write some notes about how these regulations will work in practice, based on the ACAS guidance notes I mentioned in an earlier blog.

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