Sunday, 10 August 2003

Sunday press reports

Not a lot of Anglican news today.

In the Sunday Times magazine, Jasper Gerrard has an interview with Gene Robinson I want to be a good bishop not a gay bishop.

In the Independent on Sunday, Simon Parke: Why, after 20 years as a priest, I am leaving the Church of England which is subtitled The Pharisees are running the asylum because they are rich and the Church of England is bankrupt.

The Observer’s front page had a tiny cartoon but no story, which was odd. And Richard Ingrams wrote a bilious comment which perpetuates the errors of history about Gene Robinson. As even Peter Jensen has publicly apologised for unwittingly doing this, I wrote to the Observer Readers’ Editor requesting a correction.

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And The Observer did indeed print a correction, see,6903,1020302,00.html

Posted by: Simon Sarmiento at August 17, 2003 09:34 PM
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