Monday, 18 August 2003

Employment Law - press coverage

How the world sees the Church of England on this topic

Stephen Bates in the Guardian on 2 May, Equality law must bind church, say gay Christians

Press release from the National Secular Society on 9 May, New Employment Protection Law Will Increase Discrimination

Mary Ann Sieghart in The Times on 6 June, Should Nigeria say whether our priests can be gay?

Sarah Hall in the Guardian on 14 June, Gay sacking right ‘unlawful’

Amicus trade union press release on 14 June, Committee questions legality of regulations on sexual orientation discrimination

And on 16 June, Unison

Giles Fraser in the Guardian on 20 June, The bullshit before the but

Jon Silverman for the BBC on 27 June, Gay rights law threatens holy row

National Union of Teachers press release on 21 July, to seek judicial review of Regulation 7(3).

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I need information on how the law provides rights for the employee.

Posted by: martha mamire at November 5, 2003 12:16 PM