Thursday, 21 August 2003

A telescopic perspective

There’s an excellent article in the Chicago Tribune by Robert McClory, a retired professor of Journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago, in which he compares the ECUSA and RC handling of sexual issues. Here is part of what he says:

The present impasse on homosexuality resembles nothing so much as Galileo’s confrontation with the inquisition in the 17th Century.

When Galileo suggested ever so carefully that the Earth may not be standing still at the very center of the universe, he was labeled a heretic for denying an article of faith.

If his accusers would only look into his telescope, he told the inquisitors, they could observe that things are not always as they seem.

“We have no need to look,” replied the churchmen.

“Both the Bible and the unbroken tradition of the church are unanimous on the subject.”

And they did not look.

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