Friday, 26 September 2003

Friday news report

The Australian ABC Online site reports that Africa’s Anglican council elects anti-gay head “Peter Akinola, primate for Nigeria, has taken over as head of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa.”
Stephen Bates reports in the Guardian that Imams join plea for gay tolerance. A group including muslim leaders as well as two bishops has written an open letter (I have not yet found the full text on the web) which says in part: “We affirm our resolute support for Dr Williams’s endeavours and we rededicate our efforts to fighting fundamentalism, aggressive proselytism and homophobia, and to defending the values of tolerance, inclusiveness and respect for differences which we all cherish.”
Channel 4 broadcast a thirty minute programme, the first of a series of four featuring Rowan Williams, which was previewed in The Times under the headline Williams to reject use of ‘designer babies’.
It’s Friday, so the Church Times is available.

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