Friday, 10 October 2003

some views on the Texas meeting

First, two American newspaper reports.
One from the Associated Press, as seen in the Washington Post, Conservative Anglicans Rebel.
“The AAC clarified its statement earlier in the meeting that 46 bishops were attending the gathering by saying that only about half of those prelates are in the Episcopal Church hierarchy — the rest came from groups that have already left the church. Twelve Episcopal bishops took the platform at the closing session.”

And here is a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Dissident Episcopalians call for action.
‘Like an angry Old Testament prophet, the Rev. David Anderson raised a wooden staff before the crowd of 2,000 dissident Episcopalians in a Dallas hotel ballroom Thursday.
“Pharaoh,” Anderson shouted, “Let my people go!”
The crowd joined in with hoots and cheers, as the conservative American Anglican Council took a decisive step in rebuking its denomination’s election of an openly gay bishop.’

Second, here is a opinion column from the local Dallas Morning News, with a perspective not shared by the attendees, Liz Oliphant: Matters of faith aren’t resolved by walking out.
“Of course, schism is nowhere to be mentioned in the resolutions that the various dioceses and individual parishes are being asked to support. Instead, we hear of “faithfulness,” “biblical patterns and revelations,” the “sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman,” “doctrinal and moral standards” and dozens of other euphemisms for what the goal seems to be - dividing the Episcopal Church into those who believe the general convention erred and the majority who voted to accept the election of Bishop Gene Robinson.”

Third, here is what the ECUSA Presiding Bishop had to say about the meeting.
“It therefore concerns me deeply when Christians use inflammatory rhetoric when speaking of one another or issue ultimatums.”

And finally, in case you don’t believe reports about what the people at the meeting were saying, here’s another sample speech and a copy of the statement the meeting endorsed.

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