Saturday, 11 October 2003

Saturday columnists

In The Times, Geoffrey Rowell, Bishop in Europe, who was with the ABC, writes about the visit last week to Rome. The love that binds the Churches of St Peter and St Augustine.

In the Guardian, Martyn Percy writes about the forthcoming primates meeting, Breaking up is hard to do.

So does Paul Vallely in the Independent, but the full text is available only if you have a paid subscription. Here’s the teaser anyway.

Faith & Reason: There is a way to avoid an Anglican schism at Lambeth next week.
The 38 primates who gather to confront the Church’s crisis over homosexuality need to avoid modern ways of thinking about sex and single issues

Paul Vallely
11 October 2003

To judge by what you read in the newspapers, a split in the Anglican Communion looks inevitable next week when the 38 primates who lead the 70 million-strong worldwide communion gather at Lambeth Palace for their emergency summit on homosexuality. Reports coming all week out of the pre-summit gathering of American hardline evangelicals have suggested that a potent international anti-gay coalition is consolidating.

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