Wednesday, 5 November 2003

press reports

The high level of press interest in Anglican affairs seems to be subsiding, so I have moved my reports back here for a while.

The BBC has this Factfile: Anglican Church around the world which lists the “stance on gay issue” of each Anglican province.

Yesterday, the CofE published a book, which is reported by the Guardian,Church of England ‘obsessed’ with sexual sin and by The Times, Pretend you are gay, Church tells worshippers. Neither of these headlines does justice to the book, which could be a very useful basis for serious study of sexuality issues in parishes and elsewhere. Two of the four bishops on the committee that produced it were among those who signed the Nazgul letter and the other two were supporters of Jeffrey John’s nomination, and all four agreed to the entire text of this book.

The Telegraph did not report on this at all, but a columnist, Janet Daley published her opinions under the heading Gay bishops threaten our foundations.

In Australia Peter Carnley has upset some people by asserting that “Life starts after 14 days”. The story can be found in the West Australian or in the Melbourne Age.

Some more reports from Africa:
The East African Standard, Nairobi Muslims Disown Gay Bishop
The News, Lagos Till Sex Do Them Part
This Day, Lagos Gay Bishop: Conference Praises Anglican Church Action
Johannesburg, Star The Anglican choice

West African province of Anglican Church breaks away
Pakistani Christians reject gay bishop
Kenya Gay Bishop is Put On Blacklist By Anglicans
Uganda Gay US Bishop Wrong

Further addition
Peter Carnley gave another interview to ABC Radio and you can listen to it here (Real Audio) or read a transcript here.

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