Saturday, 8 November 2003

Saturday bonanza

Lots of stories today, to make up for yesterday.
First, more reports on what Peter Forster said:
The Times ‘Gays should seek help to be straight’
The Telegraph Gays need psychiatric help, says bishop
(Do note the URL file name :-)
The Guardian has the identical headline Gays need psychiatric help, says bishop
The Times catches up on yesterday’s blessings story, Bishop backs same-sex blessings
The East Anglian Daily Times counters Chester with Bishop welcomes practising homosexuals about Richard Lewis, Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich

Then, The Times has two very worthwhile opinion columns
Geoffrey Rowell Bishop in Europe A heated disagreement or mutual loss of charity is not a schism
Theo Hobson An established Church of England is a neutered Church
(and in connection with this, here is a radio clip I forgot to link earlier in the week, a discussion on disestablishment on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme last Tuesday (Real Audio required).
And in the Telegraph Christopher Howse writes only incidentally about Anglican liturgy but Sacred mysteries - Older testament better than new is interesting anyway.

Writing for the Washington Post but from London, Glenn Frankel has a major report on Anglican Head Seeks ‘Middle Way’ Issue of Gay Bishop Is Test for Williams

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