Saturday, 8 November 2003

international press items

updated 6.30 pm GMT
The Diocese of Pittsburgh voted today to amend its own constitution, Pa. Diocese Votes for Greater Autonomy
The Diocese of Massachusetts seems to be doing something right. Episcopalians work to avoid more division in the Boston Globe reports little sign of divisiveness there.
Similarly in Canada, Buckle withdraws offer to New West parishes suggests that episcopal peacemaking attempts in that country are worthwhile.
The Vancouver Sun also reported this, ‘Flying bishop’ withdraws
Meanwhile, in Alabama, Openly gay bishop accepted by some in Tuscaloosa.
In Uganda however, the government appears to be backing local Anglicans, in Vice President Bukenya Backs Nkoyoyo On Gays.

In the USA, proposals have been made for “Supplemental Episcopal Pastoral Care” which would be something like what we have in the CofE Provincial Episcopal Visitors. The official proposal is described here, but neither the American Anglican Council nor Forward in Faith appear to be happy about it.

And in case you aren’t sure what “Anglican Mainstream” stands for, they have published this FAQ. And if you are not sure quite who they are, here’s a list.

The list on TA of formal statements has been updated today.

The Boston Globe also carried this: N.H. bishop bars rector from post

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Has anyone found a link to the actual Bishop Buckle withdrawal letter? The story says it “appeared on a national Anglican Web site late Friday afternoon.” but I don’t find it on

Posted by: Tim Stewart at November 9, 2003 03:33 AM
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