Wednesday, 12 November 2003

Cheshire rumbles on

The Stockport Express adds its report, Bishop’s gay slur sparks fury while over in Northwich, other clergy are expressing opinions, Holy smoke in gay argument.

The intervention of the police appears to some Americans and even one Canadian to be very odd, see Weblog: Bishop Committed No Hate Crime Saying Gays Can Change and English Tolerance:, or He’s off the hook—but Big Brother’s watching or Andrew Sullivan, and also this one (scroll right to end) which invites readers to let the Chester Constabulary know what you think. Or even contact all the members of the Cheshire Police Authority.
And links to a picture of Chief Constable Peter Fahy.

I think it would be a very good idea for people who support what the Chief Constable said to do just that.

The Cheshire Police website has a page which explains the policy.

The Cheshire Police take homophobic incidents seriously and are working to eliminate homophobic incidents against lesbian, gay and bisexual communities in Cheshire. We are determined to eliminate all such incidents because homophobic incidents hurt more when they are not reported. Help the police to help you.
Here’s someone who is actually interested in what the bishop had to say.
And reported on the reporting, Gays ‘should seek a cure’ splash creates media storm.

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