Friday, 21 November 2003

internal disputes - not American

Note: reports about the Istanbul bombings are on the main TA blog.

The Church Times has an exclusive story about an internal dispute in the Church in Pakistan, which is rather complex: ‘United Church’ bitterly divided over property

A conflict over property from the days of British India, worth millions of pounds, has increased in vehemence after a forged claim that the Moderator of the Church of Pakistan supports gay clergy, and a further claim that he supports the drinking of alcohol. The Church’s one million members are now split into two factions.
The appointment of the Bishop of Hyderabad by a disputed synod is being contended; courts are being used; and even the approval of a new translation of the Bible by the Pakistan Bible Society has been challenged, because the Moderator is the society’s chairman.

The Lagos Vanguard has a headline Akinola Warns Against Power Tussle in Anglican Church which turns out to be about an internal Nigerian problem, although the details are unclear.

… Peter Akinola has cautioned against power tussle in the Anglican church to avoid the wrath of God. Akinola issued the warning at the inauguration of the diocese of the Anglican Church in Okirika, Rivers.

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