Saturday, 22 November 2003

Saturday roundup

Another reminder that news stories about the Istanbul bombings including today’s updates, are over here.

Last week in the Vancouver Sun: Top African Anglicans’ stake in B.C. “Their opposition to blessing homosexual relationships is rooted in religous struggles at home”.
Yesterday, Anglican truce threatened by war of words was published on
Also on Thursday, Same-sex battle may force ‘schism’ in the Vancouver Sun.

From today’s London papers:
What the Synod can learn from synagogues in The Times discusses Progressive Jewish views on homosexuality, and a story about tin churches, Faith in a flatpack reports on how you used to be able to buy them at Harrods.

In Australia, several trailers for a TV programme to be shown tomorrow:
Religious turf wars and
Sydney Archbishop eyes Anglican schism

Also the list of Formal Statements relating to the episcopal consecration of Gene Robinson has been substantially updated since it was first published.

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