Friday, 28 November 2003

Australian news and views

Updated 29 November
Peter Jensen agrees with Peter Carnley. About asylum seekers that is.
‘God’s Own Country’ Would Turn Away Jesus - Archbishop is in the Scotsman this morning.
Archbishop slams refugee stance is in the Melbourne Age. And it is even on ICWales and South African News24 but no mention of this on Anglican Media Sydney yet.
Here now is the full text of that speech from AMS and a BBC report.

The religious affairs editor of the Australian, James Murray has written Who decides who’s a Christian? in which he criticises Peter Jensen’s “assumption of the right to interfere in the affairs of other churches.”

Jensen is on record as saying that truth is more important than unity, but the claim to be the possessor of the truth is surely a dangerous one. With the assumption of power as an archbishop and the influence of abundant funds - $3billion was mentioned - a heady combination threatens the integrity of the Anglican Church in Australia.

The differing views of other Sydney Anglicans are mentioned in this report.

The Sydney Morning Herald has published this opinion column
Conquer the Sodomites! The St Jensen’s Parish Newsletter.

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