Tuesday, 2 December 2003

another equality milestone

Today, the The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 take effect.
The text of the regulations is here.
The text of the ACAS guidance can be downloaded as a pdf file from here.
The regulations have already been amended to bring occupational pension funds within their scope, and the text of the amendment is here.
For other links covering both this and the sexual orientation regulations, see here.

The Guardian has published useful guides to each of the new sets of regulations:
Sexual Orientation
Religion or Belief
The Guardian also reports that a solution has now been found to the difficulties of the 16 Roman Catholic Sixth Form Colleges who were caught by this legislation.
Over at The Times two columnists discuss these changes: Alan Coren and Libby Purves.
The BBC also has coverage:
Respecting all the workers
Q&A: New anti-discrimination laws and more amusingly
Could an agnostic be bishop?.
This story refers to “A document distributed by Lambeth Palace outlines how parishes need to make the link between such roles and religious belief, if they are to avoid a slew of writs” but I think this is a mistaken reference to the document issued earlier in the year by the Evangelical Alliance.

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