Wednesday, 3 December 2003

Anglican-Roman relations

Update 12 December
The American National Catholic Reporter published this commentary by its Rome correspondent on 5 December.

Update 5 December
The Tablet an English Roman Catholic weekly, has this version of events.
The Church Times has this one.
and Episcopal News Service has issued this denial of one aspect of the Tablet report.

The future of Anglican-Roman Catholic relations is in the news.
First, Lambeth Palace announced on Saturday ARCIC Co-chairman to step down the resignation of Frank Griswold from ARCIC.
Then the Telegraph reported on Monday in Church unity talks fail over gay bishop that the Vatican was preparing to suspend the talks following a final meeting in the New Year.
On Tuesday ACNS issued this statement and the Vatican issued this one.
This further Zenit press release explicitly states that the Vatican’s reason for this is the consecration of Gene Robinson.
The cancelled meeting was to have been held in Seattle. The local RC archbishop there makes some surprising comments in this local report In The Northwest: Tumult over gay bishop threatens reconciliation :

Just back from meetings in Rome, Archbishop Brunett revealed in an interview that Catholic officials have received a startling overture from Episcopalians who refuse to recognize Robinson.
“We were approached by a whole Episcopal diocese about coming into the Roman Catholic church, as perhaps Anglican Rite Catholics,” Brunett said. He declined to identify the diocese.

Archbishop Brunnett also said:

“I can’t tell you how much anger I hear from Anglican bishops around the world,” Brunett said.
“It puts us on the spot,” he added. “We don’t have any disagreement with the Anglican Church. It is that this section of it, the Episcopal Church, has decided to separate itself from the Anglican Communion.”
“The (Episcopalians) who oppose this have nowhere to run,” he added.

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With his recent track record - signing the Primates statement and then ignoring it, for example - why should anyone believe PB Griswold. The AB of Central Africa, at least, seems to have caught on.
So when ENS prints a story that the PB says it was his idea . . . well, that’s a pretty good indicator that it wasn’t.

Posted by: non-schismatic at December 6, 2003 05:04 AM

“With his recent track record - signing the Primates statement and then ignoring it, for example - why should anyone believe PB Griswold”

Bull. Signing the statement didn’t mean that Griswold agreed with the sentiments of the majority of primates, merely that he acknowledged that that was what the majority held. There is no contradition whatsover between signing the statement, and presiding at Gene Robinson’s consecration.

PB Griswold is a paragon of integrity, and the very definition of “grace under pressure.” Anglican-Roman Catholic relations will suffer far more from +Frank’s absence from the dialogue (as understandable and commendable as his resignation was), than they ever would have been merely due to +Gene’s consecration. I have closely followed A-RC developments for nearly 20 years, and I had hoped that I would live to see full communion restored in my lifetime (I’m 41). With the absence of leaders like Frank (and w/ the probable longterm damage wrought on them by the JP2/Ratzinger regime), I fear my optimism may have been misplaced.

I still have Hope, though (no homophobic pope can destroy that!). Who knows but that Frank Griswold will be canonized by the ReUnited Church? :-)

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at December 7, 2003 06:12 AM