Saturday, 6 December 2003

cathedrals in the news

First, for the lack of deans:
Patience wears thin in long wait for deans in the Church Times
Shortage of deans hits Anglican church in the Guardian
Update 9 December
The Telegraph has also published a version of the original story about the vacant deaneries

Next for threats to the financing of cathedrals and bishops:
Church to ask the faithful for an extra £5m in the Telegraph

The Church of England is preparing to ask churchgoers to find an extra £5 million in donations to support their bishops and cathedrals. The far-reaching plans have been drawn up by a group set up by the Archbishops’ Council and the Church Commissioners to review the Church’s parlous finances. The review group wants to save up to £5 million from the £26 million the commissioners pay annually towards the upkeep of the Church’s 113 bishops and staff at its 43 cathedrals.

and in one case for their lack of child-friendliness:
MAGIC AND MELDREWS in The Times (scroll down a long way for this item) and this letter

MaryAnn Sieghart went to the Advent Service at Salisbury Cathedral, where apparently they haven’t yet discovered the concept of issuing tickets to avoid queues.

In order to get seats close enough to the front for the children to be able to see the choir, I had arrived to queue two-and-a-half hours before the service began at 7pm. I also made sure that the children came to join me before 6pm, so that they could take their seats once the doors opened.
When they arrived, however, a steward insisted that we were not allowed to save places in the queue. “But they’re children!” I expostulated. “You can’t expect them to queue for an hour and a half and then wait in the church for another hour.” He did - and next year, he said, they would have to do so.
Inside the cathedral there was more indignity. Each time the children left their seats to explore the building before the service started, an even more officious steward threatened to give the chairs away to somebody else.
Do these people want to encourage us to come to church? Do they not understand the importance of bringing in a new generation? It is astonishing that a cathedral that is so good at putting on a celebration can be so bad at welcoming us to it.

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