Thursday, 11 December 2003

views on New Hampshire

Some articles read recently:
In the Sunday Times (Ireland edition) Irish Bishop says gay clergy are a fact of church life. A couple of excerpts:

THE Church of Ireland should recognise gay relationships in the clergy, according to the Anglican bishop of Limerick.
Michael Mayes, who was a private guest at the consecration of the first openly gay bishop in America, said he had no regrets about attending the ceremony that has caused a global schism in the Anglican church. He called on his own church to accept same sex relationships as “a fact of life”.

Mayes refused to back down yesterday, saying: “Gay relationships have always been there, they didn’t come down in the last shower of rain and the Church of Ireland needs to accept that. There have always been people in these sorts of relationships, so I think the church will have to try and acknowledge that, even though it is very difficult for us.”
He said Bishop Robinson was “innocent of any wrongdoing and he is entitled to be left in peace”.

In the American National Catholic Reporter The Episcopalians? They are us. A long essay.

In the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Episcopal pioneer urges unity at Trinity

The Rev. Fleming Rutledge — a renowned teacher, author and preacher in the Episcopal Church who’s been in Columbus since Thanksgiving weekend — offered wide-ranging views about her denomination’s recent troubles at a forum Monday night.

In the Los Angeles Times Larry Stammer reports Bishop Asserts There’s Room for Gays

In a ringing defense of an openly gay bishop and same-sex unions, Los Angeles Episcopal Bishop J. Jon Bruno declared here Saturday that the Episcopal Church is “a roomy house” for all, and warned that those who leave would be leaving “the presence of God.”

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