Saturday, 13 December 2003

anglican news roundup

The Toronto Globe & Mail visited the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Abuja Nigeria, and reported on what it found there, Conservatives could spark Anglican split.
The vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town, Njabulo Ndebele took a rather different view of life, Those Who Look Through a Keyhole With Two Eyes Are Blind to Humanity’s Riches.

The Telegraph reported and commented favourably upon CofE Bishops’ expenses, and also reported on US parishes revolt against gay bishop.

One vacant deanery was filled this week and The Times got very excited about the possibility that another one would be filled soon. For the benefit of overseas readers unable to access those stories, they claim that June Osborne, currently acting dean at Salisbury has been offered the job. Here’s a copycat article in the Guardian.

The Guardian reported on the royal grave story, No aye for Harold seekers and today it has a leading article, Hell hits back that refers to a Church Times feature which won’t be on the web for 2 weeks or more (sigh).

The list of formal statements on the New Hampshire consecration on the main TA blog has been updated to include the latest information available as of 11 December. I am still looking for the formal provincial statements reported to have been made by Rwanda, West Africa, and Central Africa. Quotations from the statements that are available can be found here.
I forgot to add this one: Botswana’s Anglican Church Leaders Denounce Gay Bishop (Botswana is a part of the Central Africa province.)

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Re: The Telegraph’s story on American churches: could they at least pretend to be balanced? This rag is hardly any better than the (Moonie-owned) Washington Times!

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at December 13, 2003 11:12 PM