Tuesday, 16 December 2003

network fog lifts more

Two fragments of the forthcoming Network of Confessing Dioceses and Congregations in ECUSA manifesto have emerged on Kendall Harmon’s blog, here and here
while an Advent letter to the diocese of Pittsburgh from the Moderator of the Network, the ECUSA Bishop of Pittsburgh is here.
The article in the Moonie-owned Washington Times to which Bishop Duncan makes reference can be found here.

One has some sympathy for Duncan in relation to this article: it attributed the number of “signatures” then being claimed by the Anglican Mainstream petition, 384,935 - most of which are demonstrably bogus and many of which come from outside ECUSA - as signed-up members of the forthcoming Network. Of course, normally the Washington Times is viewed as one of the ecclesiastical rightwing’s stoutest supporters. It must have been galling to see such a strong natural ally expressing the same opinions of AAC and Network actions as those held by many whom the AAC and its cohorts would normally describe as apostate.

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