Tuesday, 16 December 2003

bits and pieces

update 22 Dec a full interview in NCR with Mary Tanner is here

Some more from the National Catholic Reporter related to current Anglican-Roman Catholic relations is in this article, scroll about halfway down the page.

On Dec. 11, an eminent English ecumenist, Mary Tanner, lectured at Rome’s Centro Pro Unione. She argued that while the controversy has revealed serious fissures within the Anglican world as well between Anglicans and Catholics, it also reveals the closeness between the two branches of the Christian family. She argued that when Pope John Paul II in early October warned the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, of “new and serious difficulties” related to the ordination of Gene Robinson, it reflected a climate in which the pope felt he could speak the truth as he perceives it in love.

The same journal also published this comment on scripture and homosexuality, Hold the condemnations.

Something different from Nigeria, Clergy Wants Anglicans Separated From Protestants

The Anglican Bishop of Egbu Diocese, Prof. Emmanuel Iheagwam, has decried the situation in higher institutions where Anglican Church faithful are meant to worship with other denominations in the name of “Protestants”.

From Fort Worth, this story about how A local Episcopal group is working to keep its house undivided

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