Wednesday, 17 December 2003

network dioceses identified

The New York Times has published a report about this:
Dissident Episcopal Bishops Form New Group in which Laurie Goodstein says

The dioceses that have agreed to join the network are Albany; Pittsburgh; San Joaquin in California; South Carolina; Florida, Central Florida, and Southwest Florida; Dallas and Fort Worth; Quincy and Springfield in Illinois; Western Kansas; and Rio Grande, which includes parts of Texas and New Mexico.

Update: this list published by the New York Times has been challenged. Denials have been issued by Central Florida and Southwest Florida.

In an interview, Bishop Duncan said that the network is not seceding from the Episcopal Church U.S.A.. Instead, he said the eventual goal is for the network to win recognition as the authentic Episcopal Church from Anglican bishops overseas and from Roman Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox denominations that have already condemned the Episcopal Church for its actions.
We’re not leaving, we’re not separating ourselves,” Bishop Duncan said. “What we trust is going to happen is that the rest of the world and the rest of the Christian community are going to bring such pressure to bear on the whole of this church that it steps back from this event.”

The group has also published what it calls a theological charter.

The group now calls itself Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes and its website uses the newly-minted (11 December) URL whose registered owner is the same group based in Colorado Springs, Communion Parishes, that owns

Kendall Harmon tells Why Today’s Launch of the Network Matters, and in particular that:

The Network has the full support, already, of some sixteen Anglican primates. The full statement of these primates, yet to be released because signatures are being sought carefully, contains this remarkable section:
“We re-affirm our solidarity with faithful Bishops, clergy and church members in North America who remain committed the historic faith and order of the church and have rejected unbiblical innovation. We offer our support and the full weight of our ministries and offices to those who are gathering in a “Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes” now being organized in North America.”

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I think some of the confusion and discrepancies about how many dioceses have joined the emerging network is due to a failure to clarify between BISHOPS and their dioceses.
To the best of my knowledge, the BISHOPS of all 13 dioceses cited by the NYT did indeed sign a November document supporting the formation of the new network. However it has been recently stressed that these bishops were acting as individuals and are now in the process of dialog with their dioceses to garner support for this network.
A letter from Bp. Jecko posted on Kendall Harmon’s blog today helps make this distinction clear. Here is the link

[Bishop Jecko is Bishop of Florida.]

Posted by: Karen B at December 18, 2003 03:51 AM