Monday, 22 December 2003

internet petition stats

I last posted about the AM petition statistics on 18 December, when I updated my blog entry of 17 December - this is the petition that has provoked two separate threads of ridicule on Ship of Fools (the count there is stalled at slightly over 6 billion).

Following further correspondence with Dr Giddings over the weekend, some slightly improved information is, as of 1230 GMT on the 22nd, available about the block-signups.

I noted on the 17th that I could not be sure which were the four dioceses then claimed in the numeric totals, as only two were clearly named. This situation has not improved:there are still only two clearly named and still four claimed in the numbers although the total of their “votes” has increased from 168,000 on the 17th to 184,300 on the 22nd. No doubt all will be revealed eventually.

However there is clarity about provinces. There are now four named and four counted. Although individual province counts are not revealed by AM, I believe the figures are:
South East Asia 184,000
Uganda 8,000,000
Congo 500,000
Central Africa 650,000
What was confusing me before was that a third province was being claimed but not named as early as 1200 GMT on the 18th, and when a third name (Congo) was revealed on the 19th, a fourth one was at the same time claimed in the numbers.

Still no progress on naming 220 “parishes and organisations”, in case you were wondering if you have been signed-up without your knowledge, you’ll just have to wait.

Updated 2250 GMT
In the last hour, another province was claimed and the count for provinces increased to 9,359,000. So the additional province represents 25,000 people. Could this be the Southern Cone, whose primate’s name has been present on the list all along?
The site now carries the following disclaimer (my emphasis):
… we have received support both from individuals and also leaders of more than 9 million Anglicans around the world following the launch on November 24.
When a parish, diocese, or province is indicated as supporting the Network, their authorized spokesperson has signed on their behalf. That person can be held accountable for the use of his authority. It is of course open to members of that diocese or even parish to disagree and in some cases the numbers recorded on the website are less than the numbers on the roll.

updated again Tuesday noon
Oh yes and on the signup form it also now says to dioceses (provinces aren’t mentioned on this form anywhere):
(You may send your signatures later, or the relevant resolution of your standing committee relating to the consecration of Gene Robinson)
so a diocese (as represented by a standing committee - American term) doesn’t really even have to agree to the detailed wording of this petition at all, merely have passed a resolution relating to GR.
Even more wonderful. Marvellous. Whatever.

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Apparently the petition is to be presented to the Archbishop.

Posted by: Dave at December 23, 2003 09:44 AM

As of noon yesterday, they added Kenya as a province too. The count has gone up accordingly.
But the information on dioceses has got even more obscure. They have increased the diocesan headcount from 184,000 to 198,600 and the number of dioceses from 4 to 8, without listing any more diocesan names.

Posted by: Simon Sarmiento at December 30, 2003 11:21 AM