Saturday, 27 December 2003

after Christmas

Tom Utley writes in the Telegraph about going to the Church of England for Christmas rather than his normal RC church, It’s time to cross the fine line that divides our two Churches.
And Christopher Howse writes in the same paper about music at his RC church, Sing all ye citizens, for heaven’s sake. Hmm.

Meanwhile, both the BBC and the Telegraph report on a survey of clergy conducted by trade union Amicus that finds two-thirds of them feel insecure in their jobs.

In the Guardian Geza Vermes discusses Christmas: fact or fiction
Also in the Guardian Stephen Bates has a reprise of Christmas sermons etc. (his paper did not publish yesterday) in A time for peace on earth - but not in the royal home which includes the remarks of the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.
‘Homophobic’ church slated
Time to shake off homophobia

“These are spiritual matters, because hatred may only be cured by a change of heart. We all require a change of heart, because the church not least has contributed to the prevailing homophobic mindset.”

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Utley’s article generated a letter to the editor from no less a person than The Rt Rev Michael Roffen, Bishop of Rochester also known as Michael Nazir-Ali.

Posted by: Simon Sarmiento at December 30, 2003 10:10 AM

Bravo to the Moderator of the Church of Scotland! (but tell me: how can a church w/o bishops have cathedrals? g)

What struck me about the Utley piece, is that after a long paean to the glories of the Anglican worship he witnessed (only witnessed, since I assume he did not receive communion), he concludes w/ a —-ye gods!—-traditional Ultramontane call for Anglicans to “return” to Mother Rome. Tell me, if he had hated the Anglican worship, how would his piece have concluded any differently?

It’s not that I want Mr. Utley to return to the faith of his forebears (before they left the Ecclesia Anglicana). It’s not even that I want the Roman Church to return to the faith once-given to the apostles (as restored in the English Reformation, praise God!).

Rather, instead of anybody “returning,” can’t we venture out in faith to meet each other half-way, as Bishop Nazir-Ali commends (when he’s not too busy condemning LGBTs that is, IIRC) :-/

Posted by: J. Collins Fisher at January 3, 2004 12:51 AM