Saturday, 27 December 2003

some earlier stories

…I failed to report when they first appeared.

Jonathan Petre in the Telegraph was unduly sensationalist in saying Sceptic priests could face trial by heresy courts.

In Nigeria the infamous Bishop Chukwuma again makes news Anglican Bishop Threatens to Withdraw Deacons’ Licences (does Amicus know?)

From Canada a reliable account of the latest, wildly misreported, development in New Westminster, Diocese shuts down church over discipline, same-sex issues and another report on the financial effects of all that.

In Ireland Bishop of Cork: Church’s Bluff is being Called in the Gay Debate

And finally, on a lighter note, Anglican Church in Nigeria offers deal to American Episcopalians

Another Irish report, this one is an editorial opinion from the Limerick Leader. The column refers to this Sunday Times article which I listed some time ago.

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