Sunday, 28 December 2003

Sunday press review

The BBC has two reviews of the year for the Anglican Communion:
This one is a web page, Anglican church rues lost unity and this one is from the Radio 4 Sunday programme, listen here using Real Audio (7 minutes long). If you have audio, do listen to this in full, it is well worth the time to hear what Stephen Bates has to say to Roger Bolton.

In the first item Alex Kirby concludes:

Both camps are sincere, and neither has a monopoly of the truth. But in those parts of the world where sexual definitions are increasingly irrelevant, a church which sets such store by them is left more and more with only itself to talk to, and nobody else remotely interested.

The Sunday Telegraph has a swingeing editorial attack on Rowan Williams, An unworthy Archbishop.

In the Observer Jamie Doward reports on Church ‘weddings’ for same-sex couples which is bound to upset anybody who was not offended by the Telegraph.

Descending further, the Sunday Times has a report that Carey diaries to reveal chats with royal mistress in which we learn, for example, that:

The Queen and the Queen Mother are believed to have got on well with him, but it is not thought Charles held him in the highest regard. The prince, a religious traditionalist who is patron of the Prayer Book Society, is thought to have seen him as a “happy clappy” and

Carey was appointed by Margaret Thatcher not long before she left Downing Street in 1990. “She spoke at me for about 10 minutes and I couldn’t get a word in edgeways.” he said. “Then I mentioned John Wesley because I knew she had had a Methodist upbringing. But she called him ‘that Christian socialist’.”

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An inquiring Yank wants to know: how do thoughtful Brits typically refer to the Telegraph? The Smell-egraph? The Tell-a-Lie?

Love the part of the editorial wherein they congratulate the West (i.e. themselves) on their treatment of Muslims: yeah, in the U.S., if they’re “nice” apolitical Muslims who obey immigration laws far more strictly than say, Cuban Catholics! (Heh: illegal Muslims may end up in Cuba—-Guantanamo—-but illegal Cubans don’t!)

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