Wednesday, 31 December 2003

last news of this year

Stephen Bates reported on the AM petition story in the Guardian, Evangelicals say 13m back anti-gay move which starts:

Evangelicals opposed to gay people within the Anglican communion presented an email petition yesterday to Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, calling on him to provide alternative oversight for those congregations which oppose bishops supporting Gene Robinson, the gay bishop of New Hampshire.

You can see a picture of the petition being presented here and you can read the press release they issued. But you still can’t find out which are the 8 dioceses and which are the 249 “parishes and organisations” included as block signatures.

The Bishop of Lichfield was reported by PA via the Scotsman: Bishop Attacks Treatment of Terror Suspects.
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s New Year Message was also reported.

The Canadian Anglican Journal reports on the proposal to have same-sex blessings in the Lutheran Church of Sweden. (British Anglicans are in full communion with the Church of Sweden via the Porvoo Agreement).

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Philip Giddings and Chris Sugden wrote to the editor of the Guardian to say
“We are not opposed to gay people within the Anglican communion, as you suggest in your report”. full text of letter here

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