Wednesday, 14 January 2004

still more ECUSA news

Some other items today:
Slate published an article by Deborah Caldwell of Beliefnet Where Anglicans Fear To Tread - Will a schism destroy the Episcopal Church?

The American Anglican Council issued this press release in reaction to the Washington Post story.

The ECUSA Episcopal News Service issued this story about the report in the Washington Post, Memo discloses AAC’s strategy for replacing Episcopal Church (which also includes the full text of the memo).
Here also is an earlier ENS report on a conference of conservatives held earlier this month. Although titled North American conservatives and global South Anglicans seek discipline of ECUSA, in fact the speakers included several UK residents. Perhaps UK is Global South?

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“Perhaps UK is Global South?”

Just the Home Counties. [impish grin]

Mea maxima culpa…

Posted by: Jan Nunley+ at January 16, 2004 3:35 PM