Sunday, 18 January 2004

ECUSA plot updates

The BBC interviewed Bob Duncan on the radio this morning, listen here with Real Audio.

The Bishop of West Tennessee wrote a pastoral letter, severely critical of the American Anglican Council and in particular of the Chapman letter (first published on the web here).
They replied with a press release, and two other responses.

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In the second response to Bishop Johnson’s letter linked above, Dr. Reader writes: “In case Bishop Johnson and others hadn’t noticed, even though the Proposal was not officially accepted by the Primates meeting as a whole, it has been put into place by individual Primates in their relationships with ECUSA already, albeit in an uncoordinated fashion.”
I don’t believe for a minute that this rejected proposal is being put into effect “in an uncoordinated fashion”. It is most definately being put into place is a very coordinated fashion all the way down to staggering the timing of declarations by various provinces of their breaking communion with the Episcopal Church.
Everyone knew at the Primates Meeting in late October that impaired communion with the Episcopal Church would result from a consecration which could not be stopped short of then Bp-elect Robinson withdrawing himself. Everyone knew which provinces would object and everyone knew how they would object. We’re treated to a new announcement every two or three weeks, but none of them is “news”. It is just a deliberately delayed reaction.
Notice, though, that you have to ignore the official province membership figures to make the statement that a “majority of Anglicans worldwide” have broken communion with the Episcopal Church.

Posted by: Roy Murphy at January 19, 2004 04:42 PM