Sunday, 25 January 2004

ECUSA disputes

Meetings planned to debate future of All Saints Church Sun News Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - relates to the parish that left ECUSA recently to join AMiA:

The future of All Saints Church, and whether it will remain part of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, will be the topic of meetings this week on the Waccamaw Neck.
A group of about 38 people who opposed the church’s vote to leave the diocese is scheduled to meet Tuesday with Bishop Edward Salmon.
“The meeting is meant to support members of All Saints who want to remain part of the diocese,” said Craige Borette, president of the standing committee of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina.
The 1,000-member church, which is the third-largest congregation in the Diocese of South Carolina, voted overwhelmingly Jan. 8 to leave the diocese.

Parsley opposes protest group Birmingham News Alabama (Bishop Parsley opposes the Network)

The formation of a national protest network last week in response to the denomination’s first openly gay bishop is “clearly divisive,” said Alabama Episcopal Bishop Henry N. Parsley.
While 12 bishops have signed on to the new Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes, Alabama’s bishop won’t.
“This is unfortunate,” Parsley, head of the Diocese of Alabama, said about the formation of the network. “We do not need ‘a church within a church.’ As the New Testament bears witness, we are to be the church together, with inevitable differences of opinion at times.”

Central Florida Episcopals vote to join conservative group Lakeland Ledger Florida (Bishop Howe was previously worried about the network when he read the Chapman memo, but now seems happier, see next item)

The Diocese of Central Florida is the state’s first to align itself with the Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes, in existence only since Tuesday.
The diocese consists of 48,000 members in 87 parishes across 15 counties.

Bishop Seeks Calmer Tone In Episcopal Controversy

…he [Bishop Howe] urged the diocese to move beyond the rancor that has gripped the church since the consecration of the Rev. V. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire in November.

A response to a ‘Call to repudiate the American Anglican Council and Network’ appeared on Kendall Harmon’s blog but is written by Ephraim Radner.
He disagrees (at some length) with this Via Media Groups’ statement.

Kendall Harmon has written an even longer piece On the Matter of the Geoff Chapman Memo.
In this, among many many other things, he complains again about my choice of headline, based directly on the Washington Post’s own wording, which in turn reflects the content of their story.
He also comments that I attributed this and this to the American Anglican Council when I first listed them here. Both items were published on the AAC website at about the same time as their own press release with three URLs differing only in serial number (947, 948, 949). They also appeared in due course elsewhere here and here.

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Dr. Harmon’s proofreading can sometimes be a little off.

In a HOBD list exchange he felt there was no difference between someone feeling ignored and someone being ignored.


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