Sunday, 1 February 2004

another synod teaser

Today’s Observer has an article by Jamie Doward headlined Church to serve up coffee with religion which describes one aspect of the Cray report, Mission Shaped Church.

Communion over cappuccino? Christian worship amid the phat beats of Fatboy Slim? At the risk of causing uproar among religious conservatives, the Church of England’s parliament will next week discuss plans to draw on bar culture as inspiration for new ways of worshipping.

‘The Church has got to realise its missionary responsibilities,’ the book notes. ‘We live in a society which is now basically second, or even third-generation, pagan; we cannot simply work on the premise that all we have to do to bring people to Christ is to ask them to remember their long-held but dormant faith.’
More than 40 per cent of people have had no involvement with the Church at all throughout their lives, and the percentage of children attending Sunday school has dropped from 55 per cent in 1900 to 4 per cent today. Attendance among adult worshippers on Sunday now stands at 835,000, a 4 per cent drop on last year.

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