Tuesday, 3 February 2004

news overkill?

I was fascinated by this report from South Carolina. Under the headline Tough to say ‘enough’ with some stories a reader of the Post and Courier, Charleston, complained:

This week, several readers said they have read more than enough, thank you, about a handful of topics: … the Episcopal Church, ….
The reader who took issue with the amount of Episcopal Church reporting in The Post and Courier wonders if anyone but Episcopalians are interested in the stories about the rift in the denomination. The staff has had lots of discussions about the same questions over a long period of time. Religion reporter Dave Munday outlines reasons he has covered the story so closely.
— The denominational rift took root here in this diocese, and local church leaders are at the forefront of the international debate.
— The division goes beyond the 2 million-member Episcopal Church. “What’s at stake is the future of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church’s parent group.”
— The bigger story that is facing or is likely to face other denominations is whether Christians of different stripes can find a way to worship together despite their differences.
— The issue of homosexuality, one of the key issues being debated in the Episcopal Church, has taken a prominent role among national figures including presidential contenders.
Still, in 2003, The Post and Courier published at least 58 news stories about the Episcopal Church split and dozens of letters to the editor — a number of which offered Scriptural interpretations.
To one reader, that was too much. “My husband and I do not go to the editorial page for a daily sermon,” she said.

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