Thursday, 1 April 2004

best synod question

From the February General Synod of the Church of England, Monday evening.

Question 47:
Revd Stephen Coles (London) to ask the Chairman of the House of Bishops:

Q. In view of the blessing by a diocesan bishop of all who sail in the largest cruise liner in the world, has the House given any consideration to the question of consistency of the Church’s approach to the use of forms of blessing which endorse, or might be seen to endorse, sexual relationships of a kind which are inconsistent with the Church’s official teaching?

The Bishop of Oxford to reply as the Chairman of the House’s Group on ‘Issues in Human Sexuality’:

A. There are two aspects to the question. First, the blessing of the Queen Mary II by the Bishop of Winchester was not an endorsement of any particular behaviour amongst passengers. Secondly, as far as consistency is concerned, the church has always recognised that blessing are appropriate in some circumstances and not in others. As far as blessing of different relationships are concerned, this will no doubt be discussed during Wednesday’s debate on Some Issues in Human Sexuality: A Guide to the Debate and the York Diocesan Synod motion on cohabitation.

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