Tuesday, 17 February 2004

Lambeth Commission news

For the full text of what Rowan Williams said to the Eames (now Lambeth) Commission, go to TA here.

The Times Gay row distorts Bible, says Williams by Ruth Gledhill

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has criticised fundamentalists and extremists on both sides of the Anglican Church for distorting the message of the Bible in the debate over homosexuality.
Rowan Williams told members of the Lambeth Commission on homosexuality that a church “faithful to the biblical revelation has to exercise discipline and draw boundaries if it is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and not its own concerns”.
Dr Williams said the problem was not simply about “biblical faithfulness versus fashionable relativism”. He said that there were “profound biblical principles involved” and criticised those at both extremes of the debate.

Telegraph Church leaders rebuke factions over anti-gay hostilities by Jonathan Petre

Traditionalists want the commission to discipline or expel the liberal leadership of the American Episcopal Church, which supported the consecration of Canon Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in November.
If they do not succeed, they are threatening a mass exodus. They represent over half of Anglicans worldwide and could set up a rival Church. So far 11 of the 38 primates - the heads of the individual provinces which make up the Anglican Communion - have said they are in “broken” or “impaired” communion with the Episcopal Church’s leadership.
Insiders believe that the commission’s next meeting in America could be critical because trust between the Episcopal leadership and dissenting traditionalist bishops is wearing thin.

Reuters Anglicans rebuke ‘strident’ clergy in gay row

…the wounds may already be beyond healing in a broad church run by consensus across 164 countries, in contrast to the rigid hierarchy of the far larger Roman Catholic Church governed under strict papal authority.
“This statement is a signal of alarm, a sign of desperation that things could be getting out of control,” said religious commentator Clifford Longley. “People are already taking precipitate action,” he told Reuters.

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