Wednesday, 25 February 2004

Carnley on gay relationships

The ABC Lateline TV programme in Australia has this:
Archbishop Peter Carnley suggests ‘lifelong friendships’ over gay marriage

The Most Reverend Dr Peter Carnley says a recognition of lifelong friendships between two homosexuals may be a way of giving gay couples the same legal status as heterosexual couples. Archbishop Carnley says churches are yet to reach a mature mind on the subject of gay marriage.

Video report using Real Player here.

ABC News has Archbishop urges church to deal with gay marriages
Other press reports across Australia on this are like this one: Gay relationships ‘here to stay’ in the Australian.

Peter Carnley was also the subject of this story in the CEN:
Primate stirs strife among Aussie Anglicans
and this review of his book Reflections In Glass appeared in the Melbourne Age.

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